Weird-but-True Homeowners Insurance Claims

Fact really is stranger than fiction – as these odd but real claims prove.
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3 minutes read | June 9th 2020

You might have heard about some of the more extreme insurance policies out there, like covering a model's hair for a million dollars or protecting a famous quarterback's arm. They make sense in a way because people are insuring things that are essential for their ability to continue earning income at the levels they've reached. But when it comes time to actually make a claim against a policy, the bizarre stories below definitely take the cake. Yes, people actually experienced these situations — and then filed claims for the damages.

Keep Your Hands Inside the Ride

Witnessing birth is an amazing thing. Farmers assist animals with this process frequently and often have to intervene. While helping a cow birthing her calf, a farmer lost his cellphone. Inside the cow. No clue why he was using the phone with that hand, but…the insurance claim was paid.

Chomping with the Fishes

Losing bags is a common part of traveling. Most of the time, the luggage turns up eventually. When it doesn't, some homeowner policies cover the loss. One traveler used this policy to file a claim — because his dentures got lost. However, he lost them while throwing up over the side of a cruise ship. (We aren't sure if it was after having a few too many drinks or just some plain old seasickness.)

Breaking and Staying

This one is really insane. A burglar attempted to rob a family while they were on vacation, and he was using the garage as his escape route. However, he was unable to get out because the door wouldn't open. The would-be robber somehow locked himself in without a way to leave — not too bright, this one. What's even stranger is that he did escape when the family returned home, but claimed he suffered "metal anguish" after being trapped for several days. He actually filed a claim against them for $1 million!

Destruction by Moose

In the great state of Alaska, moose and other wildlife are regular parts of people's lives, too. One bumbling moose stumbled into a child's swing set and got stuck. The bulky body of the beast was no match for the flimsy swing set, and the animal thrashed and dragged it all around the yard. It damaged the home when the set scraped along the house's exterior — the swing set was red, leaving a trail of crimson scrapes. Hopefully the moose's kids got some enjoyment out of the new toy.

Party Like Your Parents Are Away

A couple of smarty-pants pets broke out of their in-garage dog pad and high-tailed it into the main house while their owners were out. One pup decided to throw a party and jumped on the counter to turn on the water. In doing so, the rowdy pooch activated the faucet sprayer. After four hours, the owners came home to a complete flood, collapsed ceiling, and other damage. Not your typical flood claim.

Truth is stranger than fiction. You might be laughing now, but a bizarre claim could be in your future, too. We all have unique lifestyles, unique living situations, and, unfortunately, unique mishaps at home. That's why Pickle works with you to build a customized policy that fits your exact needs — even if you have a moose for a neighbor. Learn more about our coverage or start a quote today.