Get Smart-Home Savings on Your Homeowners Policy

Using Google or Alexa to do more than dim the lights could save you money.
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4 minutes read | June 9th 2020

"Hey Siri?" "Alexa!" "OK, Google." If you've ever uttered one of these phrases or names, you're probably familiar with how interconnected technology is these days. And while it's all well and good that your favorite digital assistant can tell you a joke or queue up your dinner party playlists, it helps to know that these and other devices can also help keep you and your home safe.

How, exactly? They can save your home from damage and save you money at the same time. Smart systems pair with apps on your phone, keeping you connected and informed about what's going on in your house or letting you control different systems with the swipe of a finger. You can use apps to alert you if your smoke alarm goes off or the doorbell rings. Or, turn lights off and on while you're away. Some features even help to reduce your utility costs.

When considering these options below, remember that, even though insurance is here to help, you want to consider the inconvenience you'll probably experience when going through repairs that result from avoidable damage. Anything you can do to prevent damage or loss only means fewer headaches for you down the road. Here are some of the most tech-friendly options that help to keep your property safer and more comfortable.

Smart Temperature Control

Smart thermostats are available at a variety of price points. Easy to install, these units allow you to set your temperature based on different time windows, which may lead to saving on heating and cooling costs. You can typically control smart thermostats via your phone, which lets you turn the heat on before you get home or adjust the A/C from work while the kids are on summer break.

Water-protection Devices

Water causes a ton of damage when it gets where it isn't supposed to be, and that damage can be particularly expensive to remediate. Pickle provides coverage for most escaping water damage—check this out to learn more about what that means. Sophisticated technology and devices can protect pipes from freezing and help to monitor the temperature levels in certain rooms. Add a leak detector to automatically shut off your water systems when the device senses standing water or a leak. This can prevent huge losses from broken pipes and the resulting flooding — and the smart device can text you an alert that the sensor was tripped.

High-tech Locks

You can control smart locks right from an app on your phone. This way, you can let servicepeople in remotely rather than providing a key for them when you can't be there. Checking your locks while you're away is convenient and provides you with additional security, too — you won't have to drive home just to fiddle with that deadbolt one more time.

Smart Lighting

This may seem like a convenience feature, but a smart lighting system offers a lot of protection beyond those cool, colorful scenes that make your room feel like a spa — or, hey, a rave. These actually offer some security because you can control the lights when you're away on vacation or just on your way home after dark. You can even stay safer in your home by auto-programming lights to turn on when they sense movement. This reduces your risk of falling in the dark, but it can also cause would-be burglars to flee.

Security Systems

From motion-activated spotlights to full home security systems with alarms and remote monitoring, there's a protection option for everyone. Choices range from doorbells that send live camera feeds to your phone so you can always be "home" to motion sensors that send alerts or turn on lights to window and door sensors that know when they're open. Combining these options really improves your security and deters criminals. Plus, if a criminal trips a sensor when you aren't home, the system can summon the police.

Smoke Alarms

Smoke alarms are absolutely essential in your home, and smart options usually include carbon monoxide detectors too. When you have these connected to an app on your phone, they can text you alerts when they detect smoke or unsafe air. This adds an extra layer of safety because the devices themselves also alert people in your home with sirens. Look for units that self-test so you're always protected.

The peace of mind alone that you can get from these devices may be enough to convince you to install some. But did you know they can also help lower your homeowners insurance premiums? Monitored security systems in particular can often reduce the amount you pay each month. Email us to find out more about which connected devices and smart systems can help save you money while keeping you safe and comfortable.

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