What if we changed everything about insurance?


Our story.

We wanted to create an alternative to the complex and old-fashioned insurance practices of the past. This is why we started Pickle. It’s why Pickle is an online business. A people-first business. And a technological superpower.

It’s also why we don’t use insurance-y terms and lawyer-y language. And why we created a simple digital experience that makes it easy for people to understand their coverage.

Meet the team.

Some of us know lots about insurance. Some are really good with tech. Others are new to insurance but great at coloring in.

We’re an eclectic bunch. But we have big ideas and a collective belief in our mission: do whatever it takes to better inform, insure and protect our customers.

Meet The Pickle Team

Licensed, regulated and financially sound.

Pickle is a homeowners and renters brand owned by National General Holdings Corporation. Pickle policies are underwritten by MIC General Insurance Corp.

The insurance industry credit rating agency A.M. Best rates the financial strength of the group of companies we belong to as A-. In their view, that’s ‘Excellent’. So you can rest assured that every insurance policy we provide is underwritten by a firm that’s licensed, regulated and financially responsible.


Everyone has a hometown.

We started in Chicago, taking care of our own. Now we’re looking to go statewide, helping Illinois to be better informed and better insured.

Sure, we’re taking our time. You can’t rush quality.

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What coverage do your neighbors have?

What coverage do your neighbors have?

Our hooked-up tool (it’s almost psychic) can help you make smarter insurance decisions.

*Know Your Zip results are derived from data from a variety of sources as well as policy and claim information from our affiliates. Our results may not be definitive for the entire area.
What coverage do your neighbors have?
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