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We want you to know what you're getting. Know what’s covered (and what’s not). So we’ve made our insurance easier to understand. And our policies simpler to buy.

What coverage do your neighbors have?

What coverage do your neighbors have?

A bit of local knowledge is always useful. Find out the most common risks in your area, what coverage your neighbors have and what you should consider when getting a quote.

*Know Your Zip results are derived from data from a variety of sources as well as policy and claim information from our affiliates. Our results may not be definitive for the entire area.
What coverage do your neighbors have?

From oh dear to holy $hit.

Little accidents. Major incidents. Life-changing moments. If any of them knock on your door, our coverage protects your home, your stuff and your guests.

  • Your home.

    Your home.

    If something happens to your home, we cover the cost of repairing or rebuilding it.

  • Your stuff.

    Your stuff.

    If you own it, we’ll try to cover it. In your home, on vacation, or if it’s stolen from your car. So relax. The things you love are protected.

  • Your guests.

    Your guests.

    If a visitor gets hurt in your home, we can protect you from liability or medical bills that might come your way.

Extras that come as standard...

  • Ordinance or law costs *

    Ordinance or law costs *

  • Water backup *

    Water backup *

  • Replacement cost for your stuff

    Replacement cost for your stuff

  • New home discount

    New home discount

More on our extras

Extras that come as standard...


Switching is easy.

We can take care of everything. From the boring paperwork to any refund you’re due. Find out if you can switch from your current insurer today.

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Still have questions?

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